About vision they say; ‘the most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight but no vision’ we at Bhusan schools have a grand vision by the end of 2025, our (many) students will have become doctors, our (many) _____ students will have become engineered. Our (many) students will have become As. A vision that will bring smiles on zillion faces. A vision that will be useful to society in an increase measure.


At Bhusan schools every mission of life is possible. We believe in imparting the best education to our students in truth history bears the witness that our mission of inculcating high standard of learning has been our tradition through successful years, throughout flourishing decades, throughout well satisfied generations.

School Philosophy

Disciplining students is important to create a safe and fun learning environment. Although discipline requires knowledge skill, sensitivity and self – confidence it brings a host of good things in life at Bhusan apart from curriculum students are endued the very important lessons of discipline which help them reach the top level in academies. Which boost their morals to face the ever – increasing struggles of life. To top it all, the school provides its students myriads of opportunities for developing their raw talents in various fields like sports, music, dancing and art & craft.


Teacher play a very vital rate in success of any school or any institute our faculties are energetic and experienced, willing to work day and night to help students learn to help students achieve their goals. Working round the clock our teachers always motivate our students – to excel, to shine out, to thrive on life.


Child safety policy

At Bhushan schools we are determined to provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere to our pupils following our commitment of the students security our staff – not only teachers but also our management – always insists on child’s comfort on child’s development on child’s well – being in fact creating a suitable environment for learning has been one of our first priorities – for years.